People tend to live much longer now than in past years. Life expectancy, and the years we have available to enjoy our longer lasting vitality, keep extending. However, as we age, not everyone has the stamina to maintain the same passion as they had in their youth. Luciana’s Collection is the answer you have been looking for!

Luciana’s Collection has spent many years searching the world over to find the perfect, all-natural, herbal supplement that will help men feel better about themselves and their masculinity. Restore your confidence and vitality without the unnecessary trips to the pharmacy or embarrassing phone calls to your physician.

Erection Perfection, our all natural supplement, has been designed to turn you into a love making Olympian. Because it is an all natural product, there is no prescription required.

Find out how you can start living life to the fullest today! Get your first supply of Erection Perfection and you will keep coming back for more. Your partner will insist on it!


Quantity= 12 pills per bottle


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plantLuciana’s collection has been diligent and painstaking in our search for just the right product to offer men who would like to experience highly increased virility and exceptional sexual performance. The unique combination of all-natural products in our Erection Perfection product will allow you to bring the woman you are with to heights of ecstasy that they have only visited in their wildest imaginings!

Our ingredients have been researched, blended and tested to create the finest blend of extracts to be formed into a single capsule. The end result is a powerful, unrestrained herbal supplement that gives you the vitality and confidence necessary to take on the day and the night. Our all natural, signature recipe is one that will keep you—and your partner—coming back for more.

Performance level is no longer in question. Staying power is no longer in question. The only question is how much continuous stimulation, pleasure and orgasm can she take in one day!


Larry -NY
I am 50 years old and I have a 33 year old girlfriend. I have been taking ERECTION PERFECTION for a couple of months now, and let’s just say that WE are glad that I found Luciana’s Collection’s website and tried their product. Thank you Erection Perfection

Mitch A -FL
I have had trouble with erections for a couple of years now, and I really can’t afford Viagra, so when a friend of mine told me to get on your website and order Erection Perfection, I couldn’t wait. For me, Erection Perfection works better than Viagra and is much, much cheaper. And I like how it is a natural remedy. I have since passed this on to my buddies, when the subject comes up. The feedback from their wives is terrific

Chara -NH
When my husband first started losing his erection during sex, he was too embarrassed to talk to his doctor about it. But when I finally convinced him to make the appointment, his doctor recommended the natural remedy, Erection Perfection. He was getting great feed back on it from other patients who suffered from ED. Our sex life now is better than it has been in years. I thank our doctor every time I see him.

Jimmy B -RI
Wow, these blow Viagra out of the water!!!!! Erection Perfection is the best. I am so amazed–I am told I perform better than people half my age, and I believe it too. And 3 hours later, I am ready for more.